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“Lian Li’s infinity mirror effect is really amazing.”

“Lian Li’s infinity mirror effect is really amazing.”

notice: The last call to participate in the PC Show Series worked again. Many PCGH users posted new photos of their PC cars in the forum. At the beginning of the exhibition you will find some new products, including many special features such as more details about the computer The Red Sea ran, but also the wood in front of the dwelling hut.

In the main thread “Show Me Your PCs (Part 3)” on PCGH Extreme, users submit their favorite PCs, sometimes air- or water-cooled, sometimes bright or simple, sometimes beautiful or sometimes even deliberately imperfect. The topic now has nearly 11,000 answers and has received over 2 million views since its creation in 2008.

At this point we present you with some selected images, which we guarantee to be completely subjective and as exciting as possible. The focus is on images uploaded directly to the forum in the last few months. More images can be found at PCGH Extreme. If you want to upload an image to your computer yourself, you should go directly to the topic Show me your computers He goes. The topic in version 3 is one of the most popular topics on the PCGHX forum. We recommend getting the final images for your computer [Showtime] PC Profiles in PCGHX.

Gaming PCs from the community are worth a look

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PCGH Plus: We explain what you should pay attention to before buying a PC case and which tested examples of candidates are suitable for whom.

Masterbox 600: Cooler Master introduces a new housing for

Masterbox 600: Cooler Master introduces a new housing for “wireless” motherboards.

With the Masterbox 600, Cooler Master has introduced a new case that is also suitable for wireless motherboards thanks to the cutouts in the tray.


Gaming PCs worth watching: The legendary Lian Li snail and sad memories of LAN parties “in real life”

What computers are on, under, or next to PCGH Extreme users' desks?

notice: PCGH Extreme It is a computer mechanics society. On August 20, 2007, the PC Games Hardware Extreme Forum opened its doors to interested readers for the first time on the occasion of Gaming Convention 2007. Initially, the forum ran in parallel with the old PCGH forum and the content revolved almost exclusively around overclocking and modding. Since 2008, PC Games Hardware Extreme has been the one-stop forum for all members of the PCGH community and covers a wide range of topics. Since launch, over 520,000 topics and 10,100,000 posts have been created by over 200,000 registered users. Folding@Home has been very active for many years.Communitywhich together provide computational power against diseases such as cancer.