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Emily will go crazy for this jacket from C&A

Emily will go crazy for this jacket from C&A

In December 2022, the third season of “Emily in Paris” was released on Netflix and ended (as expected) with a thrilling cliffhanger. Although filming has finally begun, it will likely be a while before we finally see Season 4. But until then we can spend time with clothes that Emily is sure to love. At C&A we spotted a jacket that definitely suits her style.

Emily loves to combine classic pieces with modern accessories, showing a penchant for vibrant colors and bold patterns. Her clothes are often a mix of Parisian elegance and American casual fashion. This is exactly what makes her style individual and unmistakable. At C&A we found a plaid jacket that carries it all. It also goes well with different occasions and emphasizes Emily's professional image.

You can order the jacket from C&A here.

Admittedly, her style is beautiful and unique, but it is not always suitable for everyday wear. Influencer Wendy Drago She also seems to be a huge fan of Emily in Paris and is clearly inspired by Emily's style, which is why we got a closer look at her creations. These are the perfect combination of what Emily will wear instantly and at the same time suitable for everyday wear.

For example, she wears a short pleated skirt with a square jacket, giving the look a touch of femininity and youth. A pleated mini skirt is also a modern addition to a classic blazer and gives the look a fun touch. Combined with the pink hat, it gives the outfit a typical French flair and adds freshness to the look.

But we can also imagine that Emily will wear the plaid blazer with an equally plaid skirt to create a modern, put-together look. Skirt suits, i.e. two-piece suits consisting of a skirt and a jacket, have become very popular again since last year.

These classic combinations were introduced by Coco Chanel in the 1950s and are still popular in the fashion world today. It's no surprise, then, that Emily chose this combination to honor the Parisian fashion icon and remember her influential creations.

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