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The progressive candidate builds alliances with entrepreneurs in Peru

Lima, April 4 (Brenza Latina) Progressive candidate Veronica Mendoza met with dozens of businessmen a week before Peru’s general election and proposed a strategic alliance based on clear rules and economic planning.

The candidate from the left-wing constituency, Together for Peru (JP), opened a virtual dialogue with more than 25 delegates from various business sectors and members of JP’s economic committee.

He wanted to continue the dialogue on building a strategic alliance “if people give confidence between the patriotic and honest business sector and our future government.”

Strengthening the general and systematic vaccination and health system against Govt-19 and subsidies to households, especially in soft loans and investment infrastructure for small businesses., To revitalize the economy.

Mendoza will establish clear rules for his potential government that will plan and regulate, for example, a regional order prepared by the government, merchants and people to determine the economic activities to be carried out in each region. They are consistent and create jobs.

Merchants will have a partner in JP, which will encourage investment in infrastructure to take over key economic sectors, invest in creating cheap and clean energy, and affect the future.

Among the entrepreneurs who participated, Ricardo Marquez, president of the National Confederation of Indian Industry (SIN), expressed his satisfaction with the conversation, saying it had been necessary for decades.

Traders presented the crisis situation faced by various economic sectors and raised their plans, recommendations, questions and demands, and J.P. on the need to reform the state and fight corruption.

Among traders, leaders of exporters’ associations (Adex), Eric Fisher; Micro-entrepreneurs of Villa El Salvador, Sergio Osco, and the Peruvian Agricultural Conference (Convecro).

Also in attendance were former Prime Minister and prominent businessman Salomon Lerner, leading agricultural exporter Samuel Dyer and leaders of the Peruvian Garment Manufacturers Association and the tourism industry.

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