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Evo Morales congratulates Ecuadorian President Brenza Latina on domestic support

“Our recognition and congratulations to CONAIE_Equador’s leader Jaime Vargas for supporting the popular candidate ucucuarauz,” Morales said on his Twitter account.

He also noted his support for the candidate of the left-wing coalition Union Bor La Esperanza, “at a time when the right is trying to stop Andres’ exceptional favorite.”

Kona’s support for the president came at a time when the Indigenous leadership was divided, with the Green Party, the political wing of the people and national races, calling for a zero vote, with its candidate, Yaku Perez, losing the chance to run in the second round of elections, finishing third in the survey.

Commenting on the federation’s position, Aras said: “At Amazon, we recognize the historic opportunity to work in solidarity with Jaime Vargas and other leaders of the Connaught and Confinia, in a multicultural, multi-cultural Ecuador, without violence or discrimination.”

In the polls scheduled for Sunday, April 11, Aras, who received 32.72 percent of the vote in the first round on February 7, will face Guillermo Lasso of the center-right coalition, the Guerrero-Christian Socialist Party, with 19.74 percent of the vote.

Both opponents are in the final days of the election campaign, which lasted from March 16 to April 8.

The focus of proselytizing activities is on the undecided electorate or those who have previously spoken for other former candidates.

In this framework, the enemy conducts tours across national borders and encounters with community, youth, peasants and political organizations, as well as appearing on television and radio shows.

The elected head of state will be sworn in on Sunday, May 24, 10 days before the new National Assembly.

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