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The optimized top-chip reaches approximately 3GHz

The optimized top-chip reaches approximately 3GHz

The maximum clock is a little higher and more AI performance 1 minute. Read


/ Tim Metzger
Photo: Qualcomm

As expected, Qualcomm has announced a slightly improved version of its flagship SoC with Snapdragon 888+. The new top model clocks a little higher and just below the 3GHz mark. In addition, the AI ​​module offers a little more performance.

Additional form for Snapdragon 888 Now official. Thus, Qualcomm is introducing the optimized flagship shortly before the usual July period, and as expected, the changes are limited. The Kryo-680-CPU’s Cortex-X1 no longer runs up to 2.84GHz, but instead Max 2.995GHz.

Core core (Cortex-A77) from Snapdragon 865+ From the previous year, however, it achieved 3.1GHz. It is known that the increase in the maximum cycle rate is also achieved through an improved manufacturing process Bening Maybe. In addition to the 5.5 percent faster CPU, the Hexagon 780 unit also received a performance boost. She creates one AI performance of 32 TOPS (“Tera Operations Per Second”), while the regular Snapdragon 888 provides a maximum of 26 TOPS. In terms of AI performance, there is an increase of about 23 percent.

Photo: Qualcomm

Unlike previous Plus models, Qualcomm did not increase the performance of the GPU this time. Asus ROG, Honor, Motorola, Vivo, and Xiaomi have spoken in favor of using the Snapdragon 888+. The first smartphones with the chip should be in the third quarter Until the end of September, to be presented.

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