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Kazuya Mishima from Tekken joins Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate

Kazuya Mishima from Tekken joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

New stage, new amiibo character

As a new stage, Fighter Pack 10 contains Mishima Dojo, the training facility of the Mishima family and father of Kazuya Heihachi. The dojo is closed on all sides, but walls and ceilings can be breached with powerful attacks, turning this stage into a dangerous terrain. Since there are no floating platforms, combat in Mishima Dojo is literally more realistic than many of the other stages in the game. Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate – This is exactly what requires new combat strategies.

After downloading Fighter Pack 10, players can also 39 TekkenHear the music tracks. The colorful mix includes songs from early and current titles in the series. In addition, paid Mii fighter costumes appear at the same time as Kazuya Mishima, including Shantae, Lloyd Irving, Dante and Dragonborn.

In addition, Masahiro Sakurai announced a new show as part of the video show amiiboshape of Super Smash Bros.Collection. Maine Min, The Ramen Gourmet armsIt will be available from select retailers in 2022.

The Fighter Pack 10 is part of Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate: Fighters Pass Vol. 2Available on the Nintendo eShop for €29.99. Grants access to a total of six new fighters to play: Indoors. Min Min aus has already appeared arms, Steve and Alex Os Maine Craft, Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VIIRow and Pira / Mithra Xenoblade Chronicles 2. After the release of Kazuya, another previously secret character appears and will be revealed at a later time. All Fighter Packs, including the new Fighter Pack 10, can also be purchased separately.