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The new country music is weird, black and feminist – SRF Radio 3

The new country music is weird, black and feminist – SRF Radio 3


Lil Nas Orville Peck liberates the genre from gender clichés, and indie works like Waxahatchee give Westerns a feminist twist. That's why the world is where it is now.

Beyoncé is the first black singer to lead a band… Country charts of the United States. Curated by leading independent music platforms Country playlists. Worn by fashion designers Cowgirl boots. There is no doubt: country music is back – as a stereotype, but also as a genre that is currently freeing itself from conservative clichés.

It's no surprise that the country, of all places, is receiving an update. Hardly any other species has been white-dominated and male-dominated until now. This is now followed by works that deconstruct these traditional structures in their area (blackness, queerness, etc.), further developing the genre and making it accessible to an entirely new demographic and target group.

Is this even a country anymore?

In 2019, Lil Nas His album “Old Town Road” combines elements of country and trap and makes it not only into the pop charts, but also into the parade of country songs. But then it flies off the latter again. Officials write that the song has nothing to do with the country Delete the path From country plans.

A global protest follows. In connection with Lil Nas

The country's history is very black

Lil Nas X's success has also sparked discussions about the African American roots in country music. The original form of the banjo, one of the country's most important sounds, is said to have originally come from Africa. In addition, the country's birthplace, the Grand Ole Opry broadcast from Nashville, produced its first African-American superstar in the 1920s: Deford BaileyWhich paves the way for country music. or Ray Charleswhich helped the country achieve mainstream success in the 1960s.

Today it seems that the time has come The black roots of the country's history To track. The Queen of R&B Beyoncé shows you how. Your new album “Cowboy Carter” is not only suitable for a hit show, but between the lines is also a restoration, a re-evaluation and a neat lasso throw into music's past.

The country is that weird

Dazzling cowboy singer Orville Peck wears a mask and has long been openly gay. Queer voices like his have been suppressed in the country for a long time — and today the genre is becoming more open. Although the first official country album was released in 1973 Lavender country Released, it's one that's currently growing in the country heartland of Nashville Subculture in a gay country Approach with leading voices.

Country is that feminist

Beyond Nashville's theaters, there are more independent acts now dabbling in the country style than they have in a long time. The following applies: the freer the situations, the better. Especially since the non-binary state behaves like Adeem the Artist or New Orleans native Alynda Segarra from the band Hurray for the Riff Raff.

A band that makes country sound as cool as a vegan granola bar. The hype around country music is widespread in international indie circles, mostly through feminist-driven lyrics Tall women To Brandi Carlile, about Waxahachie, Kacey Musgraves until Adrian Lineker from The big thief.

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