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He was cheating on Christina with this famous lady

He was cheating on Christina with this famous lady

What a question! Cristina wants to know from Luca Hani which woman he would cheat on her with if he let him…

Luca Hani and Christina. – Getty Images

The basics in a nutshell

  • Luca Hani and Cristina are unusually open on their podcast.
  • Luca reveals which famous lady will make him vulnerable.

Don't ask questions you don't want to hear answered…

In their podcast “Don't Worry, Be Honey”, Luca Hani (29) and his wife Cristina (34) are more private than ever.

“We want to talk about whatever matters to us right now, personally, honestly, and without filter!” They praised their plan. Said and done!

And in the “Let's do it this way” section (a play on words with the city of Thun, where she lives), they ask themselves provocative questions.

Luca Hani raves about Mila Kunis

Christina starts things off: “Let's pretend you have a free pass with every woman in the world. Which one would you choose?” The free ticket means you can cheat on your partner once and without consequences.

Luka Hani was completely surprised: “No, you can't ask me things like that. Guys, I'll back off and stop here. To all the guys over there: What can I say now? If you say something too good, I'll come out… Maybe no one from Germany?”

Christina laughs: “Yes, we won't see anyone for the next few days.” That would be an advantage.”

Luca Hani continues hesitantly and assures his pregnant wife once again: “My dear, you are the only woman. I would like to tell you that in advance.” He jokingly says: It has an “annual pass” and not just a free ticket.

Then he says, “She's the same type, which is to your advantage. The one I find really beautiful is Mila Kunis. She looks almost like you.”

Cristina seems satisfied with Luca's answer: “I understand. Approved.” Oh, lucky for you!

Opinion poll

Would you cheat on your partner with a celebrity?

Yes, if the opportunity arises.


Christina loves Chris Hemsworth

Now the professional dancer has to speak up. “You'll find it a little strange because he's a completely different kind of guy than you are. Specifically Chris Hemsworth as Thor. If you pass by our balcony, darling, you should close your eyes for a moment.”

Chris Hemsworth as Thor. – Corner stone

The Australian's long blonde hair and Adonis body were clearly attractive to the 34-year-old.

Luca joked: “We'll change the question, it's getting too lively here for me.”

Luca and Cristina don't mince their words

And the couple is surprisingly open in other ways on the podcast. Christina says her dress opened up at her chest on the “Let's Dance” tour. Since she was already pregnant at the time, she “came out like a cake,” says Luca.

“Three people asked me if I had had breast surgery,” the dancer admits with a laugh.

The expecting parents then discuss a topic that is probably a point of contention in every relationship: jealousy!

Will Luca also be willing to always share his spot with Cristina? As he reveals, he has nothing to hide, but “maybe he feels restricted,” the singer admits. It is also important for his wife to show unconditional trust in the relationship.