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The “Let’s Dance” star without underwear is in an uncomfortable situation

Christina Luft and Luca Hanni danced together on the RTL show.Photo: Joshua Summer/Getty Images


Emky Gerets

Christina Luft is one of the audience’s favorites on “Let’s Dance.” The professional dancer met her current partner, Luca Hanni, there. They became a couple after the 2020 season.

The two are now working and hooking up Switzerland Mutual life employment. Christina recently left her for that apartment in a Germany. She shared screenshots of it on her Instagram profile and wrote: “If you don’t change anything, nothing will change. Goodbye Cologne, hello Switzerland.”

In her story, Christina reported on her activities there. During this, the 32-year-old also revealed the uncomfortable situation she was in.

Christina Loft admitted to being in an intimate situation

After the two were on a movie date the day before to see the latest “Avatar” movie, the next day was a visit to the gym. When the chat a car Sitting down, Christina portrayed herself and Luka. “On our way to training, to the gym. We’re working hard, we’re going to get it done.”, she indicated. Her community was also able to instantly see footage of their workouts.

Christina Luft talks about what happened to her at the gym.

Christina Luft talks about what happened to her at the Instagram/Christina Loft

When they were on their way back, Christina called her fans Again and explaining: “I recently showered after the gym and I just had a funny situation that I wanted to tell you about. Luca actually shared in his story that ‘She Got Me’ was at the gym.” By the way, this is a song by the former winner of “DSDS” and it was released in 2019.

Luca Hanni is happy that his song is playing in the gym.

Luca Hanni is happy that his song is playing in the Instagram/Luca Hänni

Christina then revealed her stinging and embarrassing moment: “While he was enjoying his biscuits, the following occurred to me: It was exactly the moment I took off my underwear to take a shower.” And three women, all dressed, of course, recognized me. I was very uncomfortable.”

She added with a laugh, “I always get in such awkward situations. It’s probably not that bad, but I thought it was funny and worth mentioning.” Luca also seemed amused by this situation.