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Brad Pitt and his “girlfriend” Geneva topless in Mexico

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Exciting, Even Unusual: The couple having a romantic time in Mexico. I know amazing.

01/04/2023, 15:1201/04/2023, 17:16

While most of us are back at work, Brad Pitt and Ines De Ramon are having fun in Mexico after celebrating the New Year there. The couple, “very scantily dressed,” as Page Six noted, sunbathed for a few days in Cabo San Lucas, a place known for its beaches and watersports.

In the photos, EXCLUSIVELY to the tabloid and to which we don’t own the rights (but we keep scrolling, we’re not from yesterday), it looks like the actor, who celebrated his 59th birthday with his new girlfriend last month, wrote to read. Ines de Ramon, 30, from Geneva, obediently sits on a deck chair.

There’s very little to say about it, other than that the couple seems to be having a much happier start to the year than you (unless you’re also in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in which case please send us exclusive pics of Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon, thank you ).

If you’re still dying to read more, page six also details the colors of the swimsuits the lovebirds wear, the styles of sunglasses they wear, and the way they sit. Well, this is investigative journalism.


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