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The first decision - the first medal - Venice's top scorer Christine stuns with bronze - Sports

The first decision – the first medal – Venice’s top scorer Christine stuns with bronze – Sports

  • Nina Kristen launched the 32nd Summer Games in Tokyo perfectly from a Swiss point of view.
  • The 27-year-old from Nidwalden finished an impressive third place in the over 10m air rifle competition.
  • At her second participation in the Olympic Games, the shooter shows her nerves of steel.

Swiss Shooting repeated the 2016 Olympic Solstice. Five years after taking the bronze medal for the revolver of Heidi Diethelm Gerber in Rio, Nina Kristen has shot herself in the spotlight. The Nidwalden woman immediately kicked off her first decision out of a total of 339 in the Japanese capital.

Like Diethelm Gerber at the time, the 27-year-old rewarded herself with a bronze award in the sensational Olympic air rifle final at 10m. The best thing about this great start: their strongest discipline, a 50-meter match from three positions, will follow for the Christians at the Summer Games in a week. In this competition, she placed sixth in her Olympic debut in 2016.


Bronze Delight

Nina Kristen cheers after her coup.


Overall, Swiss bowlers are now in the Olympics with 22 podium places. Two medals are awarded to women who have recently received a large payment.

He moved from seventh to third place in the final

Kristen moved on to the last run with his top 8 in seventh place and thus had to survive a massive match before his big appearance in the final. There the Swiss woman from central Switzerland improved continuously and showed tremendous nerve strength, because after the first 5 shots she was only in seventh place.

With a total of 230.6 points, she only had to make way for two competitors. China’s Qian Yang, 21, won his first gold in Tokyo (with an Olympic record of 251.8 points) ahead of Russia’s Anastasia Galashina, who started under a neutral flag.

Withstand extreme pressure

In the first statement of Keystone SDA Christians expressed their astonishment: “I don’t really know what to do with emotions yet. It was real on the podium, and now again not really tangible. “

Suggest moderate on-site training. “It seems that I need to compete to improve. The first shots in the final were so loud.” But she is incredibly proud that she can give two such punches when it comes to medals. “I don’t know if this was the wildest shot of my career. Anyway, the pressure was enormous. Said the bronze medal winner.