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The date is set: Charles and Harry meet for ‘peace talks’

The date is set: Charles and Harry meet for ‘peace talks’

King Charles III and his son Harry plan to meet in mid-September for a reconciliation. Or at least take the first step in this direction.

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The date when Charles and Harry will meet for a debate has been set: they will hold “peace talks” in mid-September – and Meghan is not expected.

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  • Prince Harry and his father, Charles, want to talk to each other on September 17 to smooth things over.
  • Harry returns from the Invictus Games around this time, and Charles has just finished his summer vacation in mid-September.
  • Meghan is accompanying her husband to the Invictus Games, but she will not be there for the “peace talks”.

Prince Harry, 38, will fly back to California via London once the Invictus Games in Germany conclude.

Meanwhile, King Charles III. (74) He spends his summer holidays at Balmoral and meets the royal family in the British capital.

the “daily Mail” He writes that the father and son want to speak publicly to “ease tensions.” The tensions that have strained the relationship within the family since the publication of Gayar’s memoirs.

The “peace talks” are scheduled for September 17, just before the king travels to France on September 20.

Charles is angry about the remarks about Camilla

So the king postponed his trip to France for a few days so that he could meet his youngest son. The palace officials were preparing for this visit.

Charles is angry with his son, the details of the book hurt him. Specifically the statements regarding his wife and Queen Camilla. In the book, Harry wrote, she “sacrificed him on the altar of her PR.”

The source told the British newspaper: “If the talks take place, the king will make it clear to his son that in the future there will be no tolerance in private matters, that is, no more personal matters will be announced.”

Various reports stated that Camila herself was harmed by these statements. She is “dangerous” and “evil” in the book.

Megan flies straight home

Meghan Markle will also accompany Harry to the Invictus Games, but it is “unlikely” that she will be there when he speaks with Charles. The Daily Mail even wrote that reconciliation within the family is possible – if both sides admit wrongdoing.

However, Harry must also have people who support him. Other than that, it feels like burglary – just sitting with the part of the family you’re arguing with.

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