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The country is in better hands with the workers

The country is in better hands with the workers

Thrown with a twinkle by an opponent at the Labor Party conference: Keir Starmer. (Image Alliance / MPs / Stephen Rousseau)

The Tories are done. Labor will take power in London next year. The only question is whether the Social Democrats can form a government on their own or whether a smaller party like the Liberal Democrats will be a coalition partner. This is the best news for Britain in a long time.

For the past 13 years, the conservatives have ruled the country to an unbearable degree. A stable majority of Britons now consider Brexit a mistake, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson a reckless liar and his successor Liz Truss simply insane. All with good reasons.

There is great danger in the next election

It is time for a radical democratic force to once again control the destiny of the kingdom. And in Britain it can only be the other major party: Labour.

The party conferences of the Conservatives and Social Democrats have once again made clear how much is at stake when Britons elect a new parliament next year. In Manchester, the current prime minister sold himself as a candidate for change. Rishi Sunak explained that his ancestors over the last 30 years preferred to make simple decisions rather than making the right ones. On the other hand, he guarantees long-term results for a better future.

Desperate for a better election result

In the same breath, the man from Downing Street abandoned important climate protection targets and the fast track that has been in the works for years – short-term results in the hope of a better election result.

The Labor conference in Liverpool was quite different. There, chairman Keir Starmer presented himself as a candidate for change, but in contrast to Chung, with some credibility.

The country needs restructuring

After the vagaries of socialism under Jeremy Corbyn, Starmer took his party back to the center and re-elected it to moderate Brits. Now he is running to unite and rebuild the country. Both are much needed after Britain’s separatist chants and economic downturn in recent years.

Labor promises firm funding, collaboration with private companies and fundamental reform of the state’s health system. It will not be easy given an empty coffers. Disappointments are inevitable. The old feuds in the party will never go away.

The country is in better hands with the workers

But at least the Social Democrats in opposition, unlike the Conservatives in government, have actually made a plan for Great Britain. Longer term ideas, better future.

The upcoming regime change is good. The kingdom is now better in the hands of the Social Democrats than the Conservatives. But British democracy needs not only a new government, but also an effective opposition. Unfortunately, the Tories don’t seem that way right now.

Conservatives are threatened with a shift further to the right

Winston Churchill’s party absorbed the far-right UKIP rather than fighting it. Most of their speakers are now right-wing populists. If they lose the election, the Conservatives are threatened with a shift further to the right.

They may take a similar path to the Republicans in America. In a de facto two-party system like Britain’s, this can be devastating. It is hoped that Great Britain will avoid something like this.

A power machine that has lost its core

CDU and CSU ambassadors from Germany were also seen at the Tory party conference. Let’s hope they don’t follow the example of what their British sister party has become in recent years: a power machine that has lost its core, doesn’t shy away from conspiracy theories, lies outright and rebels against the weak and all, even more uncontrollably. And the Tories are increasingly retreating from the center of the political spectrum – many of them left behind.

There is no virtue in this path for the party or the country.