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The conflict between the United States and Mexico escalated

The conflict between the United States and Mexico escalated

And as US Trade Representative Catherine Tay announced last week, a dispute settlement commission will be created at Washington’s request as part of the USMCA.

struggle to new heights

The reason for the anger between the two countries is the restrictions Mexico intends to impose on the use of genetically modified corn, including in tortilla bread and dough. In the future, the Mexican government wants to gradually replace GM maize in all food and animal feed in order to contribute to the preservation of diversity.

With the Dispute Settlement Commission, the dispute between Mexico and the United States reaches a new high. This was preceded by technical consultations and consultations, but, at least from Washington’s point of view, they did not produce the desired results.

The United States wants to retain one of the most important sales markets for its entire corn producers. Meanwhile, Mexico has already made remarkable changes. Originally, GM corn was to be banned for animal feed and industrial use from February 2024.

The “Swiss farmer” has already spoken on this subject.