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The Bushen Settlers community wins first place

The Bushen Settlers community wins first place

Buchen (almonds). After a break of several years, the Duchy of Lauenburg District Association of the Schleswig-Holstein-Sedlerbund Residential Estate Association once again held the “Best Small Settlement” competition. The regional association’s horticulture advisor, Roswitha Koch, as well as the district council members, Martina Koss Schütz and Bert Müller (chair), served as the evaluation committee, which led the district with the evaluation form. Within easy reach and loss of individual settler communities.


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Under the patronage of the President of the Duchy of Lauenburg, Anja Harlöf, the award ceremony was held in the historic meeting room of the old district building. In addition to representatives of the participating communities, District President Bert Müller was also invited as guests by State Chairman Bernd Hoyer and State Director Malte Ohl, as well as municipal representatives Jürgen Hentschel, Mayor of Ratzeburg, Patrick Winkler, II Deputy Mayor of Lauenburg and Jan Ole Lindt, II Deputy Mayor of Lauenburg. , welcome.

In addition to the greetings of the region president and the state president, everyone listened to the speech of the head of the region’s Museums and Archives Department, Dr. Mührenberg, is very passionate about the history of this historic hall.

The highlight of the event was, of course, the awards ceremony itself, which was hosted by the district president and the district president. The district president summarized that the participants were all very close to each other, and that there were no losers, but everyone won in this competition. The points awarded ultimately decided the standings.

Topics such as structural thermal insulation of residential buildings, roof sealing, nesting boxes, insect hotels, rainwater use and of course the overall impression of the property were assessed. A very important point is community life, togetherness and each other in communities.

This year, the Buchen settler community took first place, followed by the Ratzeburg settler community in second place, and the Heinrichshof Gestacht settler community in third place. The district head presented each person with a certificate and a cash reward. Municipal representatives also congratulated the participants and conveyed the greetings of their mayors. Afterwards, there was a lively exchange of experiences over coffee and cake. Everyone agreed: we’ll be there again in a couple of years.