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The author complains about the interview with the pop star

The author complains about the interview with the pop star

Helene Fischer (39 years old) has become an integral part of Germany’s stages. With the song “Breathless Through the Night” she broke into the pop world. She is now one of the highest paid musicians in the world.

However, Helen Fisher keeps her private life out of the spotlight as much as possible. That’s why little is known about the Russian-born woman. Writer Giovanni Di Lorenzo (64 years old) once felt how strict the separation between work and private life was.

The editor-in-chief of “Zeit” tells about his strange interview with the Queen of Pop. Although the conversation took place two years ago, he still remembers it well.

“It was a very difficult process even at that time: the morning before the editorial deadline, the administration called and did not want to publish the article as it was. A few hours before printing, a version appeared in which even more changes and deletions had been made,” says Di Lorenzo. “From what I’ve experienced in my entire career.”

The abridged version was then published in “Zeit”. However, with information about the content that was deleted. For this reason he may have been banned from reprinting his book.

In it, the editor writes about some of his most interesting and exciting interviews. However, Helen Fisher is missing.

The singer attaches great importance to her privacy. She barely said a word about her daughter, Nala. Metli saw the light of day in December 2021.