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The 59th Solothurn Film Days – Assistants flock to participate in the Film Days – News

The 59th Solothurn Film Days – Assistants flock to participate in the Film Days – News


300 assistants are needed for the 59th Cinema Days in Solothurn. 400 registered

Typically, organizers of large events search extensively, and often in vain, for volunteers. It's different at Solothurn Film Days, the annual Swiss film festival: a hundred more interested people attend here.

What's different? The headhunting works thanks to the ski camp atmosphere and pay; The following examples illustrate this.

What are Solothurn Film Days?

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The Cinema Palace is one of the venues of the film festival. (archive photo)

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  • The 59th Solothurn Film Days are currently being held. It runs from January 17 to 24, 2024.
  • Filmtage in Solothurn is the second oldest film festival in Switzerland.
  • The Swiss Film Fair was founded in 1966 and receives about 65,000 people every year.
  • More than 200 selected current Swiss productions will be shown across the screens in the baroque city of Solothurn this year.
  • Awards are given annually on Film Days. The audience chooses the winner of the “Prix du public” award from among the nominated films. The jury awards the “Prix de Soleure” for the outstanding, socially relevant film as well as the new “Visioni” award that honors the first and second works.

Among those who help out on film days, for example, is 71-year-old Rudi Stuber from Redholz. He is well known in Solothurn as a songwriter. During film days, he travels as a jumper in his electric car: “I'm on call with my electric bike. Next, I have to deliver bottled water to the Capitol Cinema.

He enjoys working on film days and is excited. “You are an integral part of different teams. The bands are mixed in age and really tight knit and great. Volunteers ages 16 to 78 help out on movie days. Film Days seeks about 300 assistants each year. 400 registered this year.

Some even take vacations so they can help us.

Jacqueline Grütter works as part of a team of 12 permanent staff at the Solothurn Film Festival and manages the staff. “We have retirees, students, young people who have just left their vocational training, unemployed people, lawyers, doctors… some even take vacations so they can work with us,” she says.

Wages instead of the shirt “just”.

Unlike other major events, helpers at Solothurn not only receive a festival ticket or t-shirt, but also receive a wage. This is at least 15 francs per hour. Skilled workers, such as scaffolders or electricians, receive 38 francs.

Entrance to the cinema in Solothurn


The 59th Solothurn Film Days runs from January 17 to 24. They are considered a showcase for Swiss film.

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But success in hiring employees is not just about wages. Serena has been a volunteer for 12 years, previously working at the Cottage Café, and now checks tickets at the entrance. As an assistant, she can watch movies on her days off.

As a Kanti student, she used to help out with pocket money, but now money is no longer essential: “I don't know exactly what my hourly wage is. It's nice to have a lot of people together for a week and in a small space. Many come to Solothurn specifically for this purpose.”

Like in ski camp, every year

The close-knit teams return every year. There is a waiting list for potential assistants, explains Filmtage's Jacqueline Grutter. “It's like ski camp back in the day. “We look up to each other and are always in the same group.” Every film team is basically a ski camp team that wants to work together every year.

Benny Schneider also likes the atmosphere. He has just completed his studies in economics and will soon start working in a trust office. He initially ended up on a waiting list and was able to apply as a ticketing assistant four years ago because someone became ill. Schneider is a movie lover and enjoys working with the mostly young team, he says.

Loyal helpers in Solothurn – Only Rudi Stuber riding his electric bike has anything to complain about: he is constantly asked about the fact that his car has a Zurich license plate, laughs a Solothurn resident. The reason is Filmtage's partner company, Zurich. Ultimately, this great event succeeds not only because of the many people who help, but also because of our sponsors and donors.