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Michael suffers from a breakup with Andrea

Michael suffers from a breakup with Andrea

Michael and Andrea go their separate ways. – Screenshot/Facebook

The basics in a nutshell

  • The end of love for Andrea and Hofhair Michael.
  • The two broke up after the show.
  • The breakup appears to have been one-sided.

There's no happy ending for 'Farmer, Single, The Look' star Andrea (45) and courtier Michael (57)!

The two broke up, got together on the show, and have now broken up again. This time for good, apparently.

Conflicts arose repeatedly during farm week. Reason: Michael wanted to travel the world. He planned for four months. This was a big problem for Andrea. It doesn't handle distance well.

In the season finale, Andrea then revealed: Michael decided not to make the trip to stay with her. The people from Cologne and Solothurn were on cloud nine.

Andrea offers a sad update on Facebook this week: She and Michael have broken up.

“Unfortunately, life doesn't always go the way we want. “Unfortunately, sometimes love alone is not enough,” the farmer’s wife wrote. “About a year after Michael's sudden breakup, I suddenly left Munich. “Sometimes there are simply issues that cannot be reconciled.”

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3+ – Andrea doesn't want a long distance relationship. Would that be a good thing?

The breakup appears to have been one-sided. A few hours after Andrea's message, Michael spoke. The breakup was a “trauma” for him, and he was only able to recover from it slowly.

He feels “very sorry” for Andrea's decision because he did everything he could. His love was great enough to overcome difficulties. “But if it's one-sided, it won't help,” the Cologne native said sadly. Andrea remains the woman of his dreams.

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“Farmer, bachelor, addict”: “Andrea was not in a good mental state.”

“I miss Andrea terribly,” the “farmer, single, looking” farmer explains to He did write to her, but the 45-year-old ignored his message.

Michael doesn't want to reveal the exact reason for the breakup either. Just this much: “Andrea wasn't doing well mentally at the moment and needed a lot of emotional support. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to dress her up enough here.

The 57-year-old has gotten his ex back once, so does he want to try again? “⁠I would like to keep fighting for her because she is worth it to me. But that would be as futile as Don Quixote against windmills.”

Andrea and Michael were the only couple still together at the end of the nineteenth season of “Bauer, Single, Sucht”. Now their love is also a thing of the past.