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Tesla Model Y performance begins in China, European exports questionable>

In China, deliveries of the Tesla Model Y in the Performance version that were produced there began last week. As preliminary studies have shown, among other things, a new infotainment system processor. According to previous information, European customers should also benefit from these innovations, because the first Model Y Performance from China should be delivered to them from December. However, no specific dates have been announced – and according to reports, the start of production of the Model Y at the German Gigafactory is imminent.

Tesla Model Y performance upgrade

Even before Tesla confirmed the start of performance deliveries, a Chinese blog took a closer look at this Model Y and discovered the information on the screen, That the processor is AMD Ryzen, so from the same manufacturer recently as the Model S and probably just as powerful. A little later, another popular feature appeared: a 12-volt lithium-ion battery, at least identical to the Model S Plaid. And as with the Model 3 and the other Model Y so far only at the front, the Performance Edition also appears to have multi-layer panels on the back for better noise isolation.

If the Y Performance does indeed come to Europe from China soon, it should also bring these innovations with it (whether they also affect the regular Model Y was initially unknown). That should actually clear up in a few days, because Tesla was the first in July Delivery of the Y Performance Model from China in Europe for the month of December announced. According to the German Tesla Drivers and Friends (TFF) forum, which Appointment List However, no performance deliveries have been set for Monday.

To Europe directly from Berlin Giga?

Meanwhile, Automobilwoche magazine reported over the weekend that Tesla will receive final approval for its Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin in December. Start producing 1000 Model Y per week. Although this is well below the target rate of at least 5,000 and as close as possible to 10,000 per week by the end of 2022, according to CEO Elon Musk, it is still a respectable number if achieved quickly. In that regard, Tesla may be able to get performance buyers in Europe to wait a little longer in order to have them delivered directly from Germany.

There was no clarification from the company on Monday. When in doubt, the information in a Tesla component is always important, she just said. There, for deliveries of the newly ordered Model Y, it was likely in the beginning of 2022, for the long-range variant more specifically, but also most likely in February 2022. However, the component doesn’t tell you what factory Tesla electric cars come from.