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Tesla is looking for a fast and efficient content team >

Tesla is looking for a fast and efficient content team >

Image: LA Auto Company (Avatar)

The days of paid advertising have begun at Tesla, but they haven't begun yet. A few weeks after CEO Elon Musk announced that he would try this like other companies, it has already become possible to see some text ads on Google, and in November there were the first Tesla spots in YouTube videos, although these mostly consisted of remastered material. Posted already published passed. But now the company appears to be launching a media offensive: its content director has become head of a new team that is supposed to produce a lot of material for its own, paid publications.

Tesla team for a constant stream of content

Without mentioning his specific job title, Alex Ingram wrote on X last Tuesday that he would be starting a new position at Tesla that same week. high His profile on LinkedIn He has been named Senior Director of Global Growth Content and is based in Los Angeles, as he was previously when he was Director of Content there. He also searched for new team members for this site on X and asked for recommendations on exceptional talent.

In fact Tesla expects a lot from them. The highest advertised position is Media Production Manager, who will lead a team of creatives including cameramen, cameramen, editors and producers. According to the announcement, this team's mission is to produce a “continuous stream of high-quality organic and paid content” while maintaining the Tesla brand. Together they must be responsible for the entire production process from idea generation to implementation.

So it looks like Tesla is building something like an in-house production company for photography and video. The fact that it is also about advertising in the narrow sense and not just about materials intended for your own pages can be seen by mentioning paid content in Recruitment advertisement for production management Remove. The advertisement for photographers also explicitly states that they must also shoot for “paid advertisements.” The Sr. creative leader must, among other things, have advertising ideas that differ from those of other car companies.

Effective advertising as a growth initiative

Depending on when the right candidates are found, we can soon expect the aforementioned steady stream of Tesla content on various channels, including paid ones. Some of this already exists, but it is clearly meant to be broader because photographers are expected to work “quickly and efficiently”. This seems as typical of Tesla as the fact that most of this work appears to be done internally. The fact that the team is working under a new leader for “Growth Content” also indicates that Tesla has recently attached great importance to rather classic advertising.