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McDonald's: Just say these three words and you'll get fresh food

McDonald's: Just say these three words and you'll get fresh food

For many McDonald's customers, it's a nightmare: the order has just been placed at the counter and a few minutes later you receive your menu on a silver tray or on a classic red tray. But what is this? Instead of being perfectly crisp and nice, the potatoes are perfectly wet and just warm.

But did you know that when you order French fries from McDonald's, all you have to do is say three words to get a fresh serving? You should definitely know this trick.

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McDonald's: Just say these three magic words

Whether on the burger menu, McNuggets, or just because, French fries have become an integral part of the fast food giant and are considered the most popular side dish. It gets worse when you find a portion in the bag or on the tray that is not crispy anymore.

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But there's a very simple trick at McDonald's to help you get a fresh, crunchy serving of fries. All you have to do is say the three words “No salt please” when placing your order. If you say this magic sentence, the staff will immediately prepare fresh French fries for you. These are actually unsalted. But with the small salt packets available in branches, you can season the fresh portion yourself to your liking.

The food blogger is trying it himself

Food blogger Johnny Massad from Australia tried it himself a while ago and showed the results on Instagram. He once ordered french fries normally without any notice and once with the words “no salt please”. The result shows: The unsalted part of the French fries is actually 12.6 degrees warmer than the salted part, at 36.9 degrees.

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So, it's worth trying the french fries trick yourself next time you visit McDonald's. But you should keep in mind that if the branch is full, you may have to wait much longer to get your share. So try it at your own risk!