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Tesla chief and fans on the way, huge crowds expected>

Elon Musk is already on his way, as are many other guests who come from a distance to the festival with the guided tour that Tesla organizes on Saturday at the Gigafactory grounds near Berlin. On Friday morning, it was reported that a SpaceX plane, usually used by the Tesla boss, had left for Berlin Airport. The day before, a fan from Singapore and another from the US announced they were on their way – one posted footage from the plane’s window showing the Giga plant in Grunheide, east of the new capital’s airport. Other interested parties have announced their departure by car towards Brandenburg on Thursday or Friday – including many You didn’t get any of your desired Tesla tickets. Meanwhile, the local police weren’t sure what to expect, but they prepared themselves for a big mess.

Tesla club tickets around the world

The event known as Giga-Fest officially begins on Saturday at 10am. The Ferris wheel has been on display at the Gigafactory for a few days, and sound checks in front of the stage can still be heard several hundred meters away, a local observer reports. Thanks to an exceptional pass, up to 9,000 people can come at the same time – but there were rumors of 1.6 million requests for limited tickets.

On Twitter, joy and sadness were close together in that regard, because while some Tesla fans happily reported they got a ticket, others went away empty-handed. Among them were people from Brandenburg or Berlin, which sometimes caused resentment, because it was said before that of Locals should give priority to allocating tickets to have. It is not known how the relationship eventually turned out. It appears that Tesla clubs in various countries have received some Giga-Fest tickets for their members. This was confirmed by the fan who reported his arrival from Singapore, as did a German club.

Musk, the Tesla boss, should land in Berlin around 9 p.m. Friday night, around which time there should be more or less organized fan meetings. In the morning, the streets around the Gigafactory were calm, a spokeswoman for the East Brandenburg Police Department in charge told the on-demand website

The police are expecting a big crowd

The spokeswoman said officials were prepared for the proximity of the festival – but she does not know exactly how far the entire event will be. The spokeswoman confirmed that the Tesla party is the first event of this size in the region. “We’re assuming a big rush,” she said, noting that police also know of potentially large numbers of uninvited guests who would also be drawn to the Gigafactory. The spokeswoman said officials will do everything in their power to keep traffic flowing there, but delays are expected. This is also supported by the fact that Tesla chose the first day of its fall holidays in Berlin and Brandenburg to attend the Giga-Fest.