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Swiss Airlines crew hate the new service concept

Swiss Airlines crew hate the new service concept

The Swiss airline recently introduced a new concept of service. This creates pressure on employees – they criticize the employer harshly.

The basics in brief

  • Swiss wants to improve its business class services.
  • However, the new concept causes problems for the employees.
  • Some employees speak of ‘failure’ and others of ‘disaster’.

In fact, the Swiss airline wanted to improve the service. But the new concept of business class has caused a lot of chaos. Employees are angry – they talk to CH Media about ‘unbearable’ StressOr even a catastrophe.

The idea behind the recently launched service concept: All flight attendants must serve a certain number of business travelers for whom they are responsible. The whole trip Take care of yourself.

Lilian Obemo, Cabin Board Membertrade union Kapers thinks the idea is a good one. But it is actually “simply not possible” with the available resources.

Employees should provide work meals one by one by hand

According to Opemo, there is no co-ordination with the new service concept. “We used to take care of everything together Passengers‘, she says. There was one person in charge of coordinating the kitchen.

Today, however, the crew members will carry out the individual steps in parallel. Complained “the service seems disorganized” Member of the Board of Directors of Kapers. New ordering system via IPAD: Instead of using a cart, dishes are now served individually by hand, which means the crew is constantly running back and forth.

Swiss Airlines does not want to take back the new concept

Even before launch, the trade union The company pointed out the flaws of the new concept. But Lilian Obemo complains: “The management insisted and did not take our concerns seriously.”

Since the number of crew members was reduced by one person at a time, the service took longer. As a result, they have less rest time – “and this is about safety”. Sandrine Nicoli Voss, president of Kapers, says employee frustration is enormous.

Do you often travel in business class?

However, the Swiss airline wants to preserve this concept. Spokeswoman Mike Vollrott told CH Media that the comments were taken seriously. “This is the only way we can make the necessary adjustments so that new processes can be established as quickly as possible.”

However, the airline does not wish to respond to a request to withdraw the service system.

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