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UBS loves LGBT+, discriminates against youth

UBS Chiefs are committed to love and freedom when it comes to sexual orientation. They never miss an opportunity to show their openness to all life.

good this way. All this draws attention to behavior when it comes to real life. A young customer was put off on the phone because his voice was too loud.

Oh man, speak properly! (IP)

who – which I mentioned 20 minutes. The man said the bank didn’t serve him because he looked “too feminine”.

He was in the red with his credit card and wanted to ask UBS if they could lower his premiums.

The young man says he correctly answered all the banker’s security questions. However, he eventually found that “my voice sounds very feminine and that’s why it doesn’t give me any information about my account”.

The credit card is in the name of a man and does not appear to be a man, the person in question explained to 20 Minutes with reference to a UBS banker.

The big bank told the broker that it was not aware of the specific case. Answers will not be rejected by company employees unless all security questions have not been answered correctly.