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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is back in Germany – with family >

It looked as if Elon Musk was actually on his way to vacation. Earlier this week, his plane was first seen en route to Florence, after which he visited the historic city center on Wednesday with his partner Grimes and the children. But in the afternoon it was over again: Musk’s jet flew into Berlin Airport and was seen flying over the nearby Gigafactory (see photo). A little later, the head of Tesla, also with family members, met with representatives of the Brandenburg state government. So he’s on a business trip again – and could also meet CDU counselor candidate Armin Laschet at the Gigafactory.

Laschet’s visit to Gigafactory is planned

Joerg Steinbach, the economy minister for the state of Brandenburg, reported a “very relaxing evening meeting” with Musk on Wednesday evening on Twitter. Prime Minister Dietmar Wadecke and staff from both sides also participated, and the tasks that still had to be dealt with were at stake. “Thank you for visiting the whole family, Elon,” Steinbach wrote in a personal tone.

Update: Learned more about the content of the conversation Thursday. Steinbach said Musk made clear how important it was for him to stick to the tight schedule of the German Gigafactory. According to In addition, the head of Tesla announced his readiness to intensify communication with the plant in Grünheide. Rolf Lindemann, elected district manager for the Oder-Spree region, to which the Gigafactory belongs, has repeatedly criticized the lack of it.

It was last this May Tesla CEO visits German construction site Gigafactory. It was supposed to be a purely technical visit, but Musk took time not only for the fans, but also for Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer. Also this time, he can meet a CDU politician on the Gigafactory grounds, because Chancellor Armin Laschet’s candidate is expected to be there on Friday,

Tagesspiegel reported this on Wednesday. For Laschet, a “conversation with executives and employees” at Tesla has been scheduled in Grunheide for a long time. writes the newspaper. A meeting with Musk has not yet been arranged, but it would of course be an option given his presence. Nice When the Tesla coach was in Germany last SeptemberHe was also seen at a closed-door meeting of the union, where he spoke to Federal Economy Minister Peter Altmaier, among others.

Tesla wants to start at the end of the year

Regardless of potential political appointments in Berlin or Gruenheide, Musk should have a full program – although family support suggests it’s not too narrow. Functional tests are currently underway for systems already installed in the Gigafactory. at least Dozens of Y-type body shells have already been moved, perhaps to test and tune machines. Production at the German Gigafactory is due to start before the end of this year, the CEO said in May, which he confirmed at the end of July.