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Realization of an ‘awkward’ Porsche S Plaid Model >

With the revised Model S, Tesla delivered again: In short, with the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, another series of electric cars accelerated a touch faster, but against the new Plaid three-engine At Tesla, Porsche doesn’t get into a 0-100 or quarter mile race With. No problem recently – after all, it’s not just about acceleration, it’s about the overall package, said Oliver Blume, president of Porsche. Compared to the racetrack, the Model S Plaid has now also outperformed the Taycan Turbo S — and the Tesla owner found the difference in performance embarrassing for Porsche.

Shocked by the new model S plaid

The comparison is given via Chillin’ YouTube channel with Chet, which was recently managed One of the new Tesla Model S patterned Owns. The Porsche Taycan is owned by a friend, he says. First, Schitt relaxed and drove the German electric car. In fact – as stated by Porsche CEO Bloom – I was generally impressed with the overall impression as well as the performance. But the Taycan doesn’t feel faster than its traditional sports car.

The presenter, by contrast, is “shocked” by his Model S, with which he went to the racetrack for the first time. It’s definitely more powerful than the Porsche, and the acceleration out of the turns is incredible. Additionally, the slicked-back drive, which drives unexpectedly, didn’t overheat or reduce its performance either on the track or afterwards in many of the starting performances. The YouTuber has nothing to complain about with the brakes, which practically lost their bite after the first catch. And he says so Stunning rectangular guide yoke It looks, but it’s not quite suitable for the racetrack.


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With the brutal acceleration of the Model S Plaid, Chet deeply impressed the Porsche employee. He is allowed to be a passenger once and says in advance that he already felt the full starting power of other Tesla cars, which he found very natural. However, the new Tesla seems almost intimidating him. “How could something like this work?” He wants to know after he muttered “Gs!” and “My stomach!”.

‘Tesla Power is embarrassing for Porsche’

In his road summary, the YouTuber explains that the Taycan Turbo S’s weakness may have been the somewhat worn tires. In addition, he did not fully use the electric car that he borrowed from his friend. With this handicap, it was about a tenth of a second slower than the Plaid Tesla. According to the tester, on a good day for a Porsche, both can probably be linked. In the video, Porsche gave 9 out of 10 points on the racetrack, and Tesla gave 8.5 points. In the comments, set this at 7.6 points for the Taycan and 8 for the Model S Plaid (with only 6 points for the brakes, but 10 for the engine).

In the discussion, Chet showed a keen interest in improving the brakes from tuners or even from Tesla itself. He emphasized that Porsche’s workmanship was top notch as always – but this The performance of his engraved electric car It is “simply embarrassing” for the German competitor.