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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

Targeted killings and kidnappings in the invasion of Ukraine

It also said the United States had intelligence that “Russian forces are likely to use lethal measures to disperse peaceful protests.” Therefore, the United States fears the use of torture, as in the “previous Russian actions”. The target will be people who will resist Russia, “including Russian and Belarusian dissidents in exile in Ukraine, journalists and anti-corruption activists, and vulnerable populations such as religious and ethnic minorities, LGBT people, and personalities +”. The acronym stands for LGBT, with a plus sign as a placeholder for other identities. The United States did not reveal its sources of information.

According to media reports, the US government has intelligence that Moscow has ordered its army to go ahead with its plans to invade Ukraine. In the West, there are fears that Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin may use the fighting as a pretext to invade the neighboring country. According to the United States, Russia has amassed about 150 thousand soldiers on the border. But Moscow has denied plans to launch an attack for weeks.

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