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Switzerland takes revenge on Germany, flawlessly

Switzerland takes revenge on Germany, flawlessly

Reto Pera saved Switzerland’s seventh win in seven penalty shootout matches against Germany.Photo: cornerstone

Switzerland is undefeated in the preliminary round at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Finland. Switzerland beat Germany 4:3 after a penalty shootout and faced the United States in the quarter-finals on Thursday.

24.05.2022, 14:2624.05.2022, 14:27

The last appearance before the knockout matches should give the Swiss team more confidence. Swiss wrestle Germany Down, though, didn’t always work out for them this time around. They dominated the starting stage and took the lead after just 97 seconds thanks to Andres Ambul. But even though Patrick Fischer’s team started well, was fine and with plenty of energy, the Germans were able to turn things around in the first division.

Kai Wissmann (for the power game) and Stefan Loibl gave the German team a 2-1 lead. Both times the Swiss lost a confrontation in their area directly before conceding a goal, and both times Nico Hescher, the attacking scorer, did not look good in defense either.

For the first time in the World Cup, the Swiss national team played well and is still far behind. But once again the Swiss showed a strong reaction. Pius Sutter tied the score on his 26th birthday after just 86 seconds in the second half to make it 2-2. Denis Maljean put the Swiss ahead with a powerful goal in the 39th minute.

Malgin was the focus again in the last section. When he checked Leo Gawanke’s head, he was lucky to get away with it. Even after a five-minute penalty, the Swiss couldn’t say much. Already in the second period, the Swiss had a bit of luck that Fabrice Herzog got away with a small penalty instead of a big one. In those seconds, when the Swiss didn’t have to play in larger numbers, Malgin scored to make it 3:2, which eventually secured the victory in the set.

game sounds

Rito Beira:

“It was great, I like penalties anyway, I like it. Luckily for us we were able to finish the group stage like this. But we can’t buy anything from that. We had no ideas of revenge against Germany. A lot of ice hockey was played. Since then, the final was not today.

Our team is similar to the Silver teams (2013 and 2018, editor). Everything is fine all around and we look forward to everything yet to come. So far we’ve been able to gain a lot of self-confidence and have a lot of fun together – also off the ice. We all pull together on the same rope. Of course there are always ups and downs, but that’s how you see the character of the team.”

Dennis Malgin:

“It wasn’t easy. Every game was tough, we had a great group and always fought back and won. I don’t look at the scorers rating. I prefer to win as a team. Of course it’s good to score goals, but the goal is to go far with the team. Our goals in the power game are not Coincidentally. We watch videos of opponents, see how they stand, prepare for it and then try to take advantage of it. We have a lot of self-confidence, everything will be on the line now. We will be well prepared.”

Because only Germany managed to equalize in the last division with a great solo performance by Matthias Plachta. The Germans had to win in normal time to win their group. I sat in the penalty shootout Switzerland 2-0 up. Nico Hescher And only Damien Riat converted the penalty shootout, thanks to which Switzerland, led by Patrick Fischer, managed to defeat Germany for the first time in title fights.

But one thing is clear: Switzerland has had a lot going for the World Cup thus far: the slightly easier group (due to the Russians being left out), the lack of discipline in some cases, which opponents haven’t punished, and the baskets that can be corrected. It remains to be hoped that this streak will not be broken in the quarter-finals of all positions (as was the case recently in title battles with the decisive goals being scored in the last seconds).

A successful preliminary round is by no means a guarantee of victory in the quarter-finals. Switzerland finished first in the World Cup preliminary round for only the second time, and in 2013, the Swiss team also scored 20 points out of a possible 21, then won the quarter-final against the Czech Republic 2-1 and lost only the World Cup final. against Sweden. But in 2000, 2010, 2017 and 2021, the Ice Buddies also made excellent preliminary rounds, reaching the quarter-finals as group runners-up, but always suffered defeats there.

Scherwey will leave Finland

Tristan Cherui’s World Championships ended after he broke his foot on Sunday. Now, in consultation with officials of Nati and SC Bern, he decided to leave Finland. Scherwey’s surgery should be done as soon as possible. “It would have been great if Tristan had stayed with us. He brings a good spirit and a lot of energy to the team. However, it is better for your health to come home,” national manager Lars Whipple said in a statement from the federation.

In the quarter-finals, the Swiss got it on Thursday with United States of America to do. The Americans beat Sweden in Tampere on Saturday, but also lost and victories over Finland and the Czech Republic Austria Only in overtime.


Germany-Switzerland 3:4 (2:1, 0:2, 1:0, 0:0) nP
Helsinki. – 3862 spectators. – SR Öhlund / Stano (SWE / SVK), Spur / Yletyinen (CZE / SWE).
gates: 2. Ampoule (Corvy, Herzog) 0: 1. 12. Wissmann (Reichel / Exclusion Egli) 1: 1. 16. Loibl (Seider, Moritz Müller) 2: 1. 22. Sutter (Malgin, Kokan) 2: 2. 39. Malgin (Moser, Mayer / Moritz Müller expelled) 2: 3. 48. Blachta (Wessmann) 3: 3.
Penalty kicks: Hischier 1: 0, Loibl -; Ryat 2: 0, Blakhta -; Sutter -, Noebeles -; Malgin, Fischbach-.
punish: 1 time 2 minutes against Germany, 4 times 2 minutes against Switzerland.
Germany: Grouppower. Holzer, Jonas Muller; Seder, Moritz Muller; Weisman, Gawanke; Wagner. Pföderl, Reichel, Noebels; Plachta, Michaelis, Ehliz; Karachon, Loebel, Fischbach; Schmols, Kastner, Suramis.
Switzerland: Pera. Kokan, Signhaler; Fura, Janis Moser; Egli, Geiser; Marty. Ryatt, Hescher, Meyer; Simeon, Malgin, Sutter; Ambul, Corvi, Herzog; Miranda, Curacho, Thorcoff; Bertchi.
Notes: Switzerland without Cherui (injured), Glauser, Eichlemann (both extra) and Ginoni (alternate goalkeeper). – Footage after: 38. Mayer, 55. Mayer. – Time Out Germany (60). – Shots: Germany 27 (12-9-4-2); Switzerland 32 (9-11-11-1). – Force play productivity: Germany 1/4; Switzerland 1/1. (before /sda)



These countries were already the ice hockey world champions


These countries were already the ice hockey world champions

Source: Keystone / Toms Calnins

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