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Austria saves itself in extreme cases

Austria saves itself in extreme cases

World Cup Finland-Austria Swiss coach Roger Bader’s side with the catalyst Arno del Curto did not go down to the Ice Hockey World Cup in Finland after beating Great Britain 5:3.

But for a long time the Austrian World Cup adventure was threatened by another realistic end. In 2019, the Austria team relegated in the last match despite their stark advantage – 3:4 after a penalty shootout against Italy. Since then, two B-WMs have fallen victim to the coronavirus. Meanwhile, Austria fell behind Russia in the title fights in Finland – and exceeded expectations in most matches.

The Austrians lost no match more than 0:3 (against Finland). His first historic victory over the Czech Republic. Badr and Del Corto also scored against the United States. In the last crucial match against the British, Austria were still 1:3 behind in the final division. The British were better, more disciplined and efficient. But in the final section, the Austrians scored five goals in 14 minutes. Alex Wukowitz, the first dark-skinned Austrian international (father is Senegalese), opened the scoring (1:2). Then Damien Heinrich (2:3), Benjamin Nessner (3:3), Thomas Raffle (4:3) and Peter Schneider (5:3) scored a valuable victory.

come down to italy

In the first group in Helsinki, Italy took charge – with less drama. The Italians lost the decisive match to Kazakhstan 2:5. Italy relegated to Group B four years later. For a long time, the Italians remained in the first division mainly because the 2020 World Cup in Switzerland was canceled and there was no relegation in Riga in 2021. A year ago in Latvia, Italy finished last in the tournament.

Canada and the Czech Republic

With the Czech Republic and Canada, two other teams quickly qualified for the quarter-final ticket. The Canadians took the lead with a 2:3 defeat against Denmark (!). Denmark defeated the Canadians for the first time in the World Cup. In the early days of hockey, the Canadians celebrated the biggest win in World Cup history against Denmark, 47-0. Denmark’s victory means that Switzerland need to win a point over Germany to finish first in Group A in Helsinki.

The Czechs beat the United States 1-0 in Tampere in an elegant match. Mattie Blummel scored the only goal of the match after just seven minutes. After the defeat against Austria, the Czech Republic celebrated three consecutive victories and conceded one goal max against Latvia, Norway and the USA. If Switzerland wins Group A, they will face the United States or Latvia in the quarter-finals on Thursday. The Americans still need a point win over Norway or Latvia losing points to Sweden in Group B to finish last in the quarter-finals.