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Swiss Farmer: Versatile combination seed drill

Swiss Farmer: Versatile combination seed drill

The unique and specially developed pressure system allows for precise sowing of seeds in all conditions, according to Evers Agro. “Dartmoor is ideally suited to the challenges of greening sustainable agriculture,” the statement said.

Diversified capabilities

The Dartmoor is equipped with sharp, solid cutting discs with a diameter of 41.5 cm. Due to their tapered shape and large diameter, these discs have relatively little drag, and keep cutting and turning in all conditions. In addition to the patent for re-seeding using discs, a pressure system unique to Dartmoor was also developed.

According to Evers Agro, this hydraulic pressure system transfers weight from the tractor to the machine. The system transfers additional weight from the tractor to the machine, resulting in a total pressure of over 125kg per tablet. As a result, Dartmoor always makes a good cut in hard, uncultivated soil to set seed. A compaction system is not necessary in loose and pre-treated soils. “The seeding depth can be easily adjusted from 5 mm with the help of adjusting spindles and washers,” writes Evers Agro. With its easily adjustable pressure system, the seed drill is suitable for sowing new crops on arable land and for over-seeding on grassland.

Precision seeding technique

Dartmoor is equipped with a pneumatic seeder. Seeds are distributed by distributor heads. The compound seeder has 32 discs and an outlet. This results in a seeding distance of 8.9 cm, a working width of 285 cm, a seeding distance of 9.4 cm, and a working width of 300 cm.

Each seed port has its own cutting disc with maintenance free bearings. The seed outlet is firmly positioned and ensures reliable application. The cutting discs are suspended in rubber spring elements to follow the ground well. “An important advantage is that the elements are optimally positioned to work unhindered, whether on pre-cultivated soil or through crop residue,” Evers Agro asserts.

photographic roller

The Dartmoor can optionally be equipped with a second pneumatic seed drill. In this way, an additional crop can be sown in front of the Pictor cylinder. “With this second seeder, it is possible to sow at two different depths to ensure that the lawn appears evenly with grasses and alfalfa,” the manufacturer writes.

The shooting roller ensures a good reunification of the seed with the soil and seals the cutting. The rounded tips also activate existing turf wear. “The unique feature of the Pictor cylinder is its self-cleaning effect,” says Evers Agro.

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