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When you can buy ESC tickets in Switzerland

When you can buy ESC tickets in Switzerland

We don't know that for sure (yet). But a look back shows that:

When can you buy tickets?

Most often, tickets go on sale at the beginning of the year itself or at the end of the year preceding the competition.

In 2019, tickets began on December 12.Photo: EPA

Starting sales depends on several factors that should be clarified first. This includes the host city, arena, ticket agency, seating design, etc. All these questions have not yet been resolved.

However, the Eurovision Song Contest assumes that tickets will be available at the end of 2024.

How much are the tickets?

Prices vary from year to year. The prices of tickets for the semi-finals and finals have so far ranged between 11 and 427 euros.

Are there special tickets for fans?

maybe yes. In recent years, many tickets have been reserved for the community. These were mostly standing tickets for the special fan zone directly in front of the stage.

Because of this scene, the whole world is now celebrating Nemo

Video: Watson

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