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Swimmers from VfL Kaufering have achieved first place nine times

Swimmers from VfL Kaufering have achieved first place nine times

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We were delighted with the awards, medals and new best times: VfL Kaufering swimmers © VfL Kaufering

37 swimmers from VfL Kaufering took part in the Stadtbergen all-around competition. To be included in the rankings, swimmers had to complete courses of four different lengths. They did that, too: they brought nine first-place finishes with them to Covering.

Covering – The distances that participants had to cross were 200 metres, 100 metres, and 50 metres. The best performances from the era are added together and rated. The best swimmer each year received a trophy, and second and third place each received a medal.

Among the Vfl swimmers, Charlene Brough, Kiara Schisler, Maya Indra, Philipp Schreiber, Tim Schreiber, Jasper Böhm, Liam Haussler, Samuel Romer and Oliver Brusselbach took first place. Sissy Sonnenschein, Miriam Bromberger, Zoe Böhm, Jakob Schiesler, Moritz Amthor and Emilio Hagel took second place, while Clara Benedikt, Julie Falls and Sarah Brennesen were happy to take home the bronze medal.

The rest of the team who did not make the podium were able to celebrate new personal bests.