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“Made for Germany” combines the enjoyment of HD TV with the enjoyment of free streaming – Samsung Newsroom Germany

“Made for Germany” combines the enjoyment of HD TV with the enjoyment of free streaming – Samsung Newsroom Germany

From July 1, 2024, new options will open up for renters in Germany when it comes to TV: the additional costs concession, through which cable TV costs are covered by additional costs, will be abolished. Renters can choose which TV provider they want to use. Through its “Made for Germany” promotional programme, Samsung offers the option to try attractive streaming offers for free: when purchasing a high-quality promotional Samsung device, customers get up to 24 months of free access to top-tier live TV and streaming content.

Anyone who picks up a promotional device by July 31, 2024 will get Telekom streaming software and sometimes Netflix and Disney+ free for up to 24 months with Magenta TV, depending on the promotional model1. The campaign for smart TVs and soundbars was completed by other well-known partners such as HD+, and Zattoo. You can enjoy linear TV as usual online without any cable connection. In addition, many movies, series and sporting events are available for free.

Home entertainment at the highest level

The curtain comes down on the 'Made for Germany' promotion: Samsung's 98-inch devices like the QN990C bring an immersive stadium feel within the four walls of your home2,Q80C3 In addition to the 2023 and 2024 QN90C/D. TVs aren't just overwhelming because of their size. It is also full of cutting-edge technology. The Neural Quantum Processor analyzes each image and scales it to 8K or 4K if necessary. The immersive viewing experience is powered by vivid colours, strong contrast values ​​and Dolby Atmos® multi-dimensional sound. Anyone who chooses the QN990C, Q80C or QN90C/D will get the Magenta TV offer including Disney+ and Netflix free for 24 months. Additionally, there is RTL+ Max and sportsworld for 12 months, 12 movie rentals via maxdome, HD+/Sat and for 6 months and Zattoo and qobuz for 3 months.

The same applies to the flagship 2024 Neo QLED 8K QN900D4. The cutting-edge smart TV uses an advanced AI Gen3 processor, which produces a crystal-clear picture thanks to its 512 neural networks. In addition, AI Motion Enhancer Pro ensures a clear and smooth image during fast movements. This is a real advantage, especially in major sporting events, where fast balls can be tracked better and matches can be enjoyed without distortion. Plus, the latest generation of AI-powered deep learning technology detects what viewers are focusing on. These areas of the image are highlighted, creating a 3D effect – an almost stadium-like atmosphere. In addition to the QN900D, other current Neo QLED models include the 8K QN800D5 The 4K QN95D6 Part of the work.

Great Samsung OLED TVs like the S95D are not to be missed7 At 55 to 77 inches. Thanks to OLED Glare Free technologyVIII Reflections from external light sources are reduced, so users can enjoy vibrant colors and deep black levels at any time of the day. Anyone who purchases the S95D will receive a free 12-month Purple TV with Netflix. There's also limited free access to HD+,, Zattoo, qobuz, RTL+ Premium, maxdome and sportsworld.

The Frame is for customers who attach great importance to design and also want to enjoy the benefits of “Made for Germany”.9 the right choice. With its interchangeable frame, the Lifestyle TV looks like a piece of jewelry hanging on the wall. When The Frame is not being used for series or films, decorative artworks and photographs from the Art Store can beautify your four walls. The matte screen ensures a glare-free viewing experience. In addition, the 2023 and 2024 models of The Serif, The Sero, The Terrace, The Premiere and The Freestyle are also part of the “Made for Germany” campaign.

Rich sounds for a stadium feel like home

The Q series speakers are also among the promotional models. The HW-Q995D brings 11.1.4 channel sound into your living room at home thus completing the stadium feel. Upward, rear, side and forward speakers combined with an 8-inch subwoofer provide an unforgettable audio experience. There's also on board Q-Symphony for harmonious interaction with your matching Samsung TV's speakers as well as the clever SpaceFit Sound Pro feature. This technology enables sound tailored to individual rooms. During the promotional period, customers who purchase the 2023 or 2024 HW-Q995 series soundbar will receive free access to Magenta TV including Netflix for 6 months. In addition, they can use qobuz for 3 months and get 12 rental movies via maxdome.

“We are very pleased to be able to open new opportunities for our customers with the ‘Made for Germany’ logo from July when the surcharge concession will no longer apply,” says Mike Henkelmann, Consumer Electronics Marketing Director, Samsung Electronics GmbH. “You can seize the opportunity to take your home entertainment setup to the next level with our premium TVs and speakers while at the same time experiencing and enjoying the comprehensive streaming offerings provided by our top-tier partners for free. Summer entertainment can come!

Get attractive streaming bonuses until July 31st

The “Made for Germany” campaign runs until July 31, 2024 in the Samsung online store at and at all participating retailers. To receive content, customers must open the Samsung Promotion app pre-installed on the TV in the Samsung Smart Hub after purchase. After successfully logging into your Samsung Account, the coupon codes stored there can be accessed and redeemed directly with the respective partners. Speakers purchased by customers as part of the “Made for Germany” campaign must be registered online at You will then receive coupons via email.

1 The availability and scope of individual services depends on the promotional device. Purchase must be made between April 1 and July 31, 2024 (“Promotion Period”). Some services are only available to new customers of the service in question. Detailed terms of participation and promotional forms with country-specific form code can be found at
2 Energy efficiency class:
3 Energy efficiency class:
4 Energy efficiency class:
5 Energy efficiency class:
6 55 inch energy efficiency class: 65, 75, 85 inches
7 Energy efficiency class: 55 in 65.77 inches
VIII Testing by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has verified OLED glare-free by testing products according to the Uniform Glare Rating (UGR) test standard set by the Commission Internationale de Illumination (CIE), as well as EN 12464-1 and testing standards. ISO 8995-1 rated. More information about the certificate can be found at
9 Energy efficiency class 2023 models: 43, 50, 55, 65, 85 inches: 32 inches ; Energy efficiency class 2024 models: 43, 50, 55, 65, 85 inches 75 inches