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Süder Kicker has big plans: a new location, a new name, a new board

South Günserndorf. The members of FC OMV Gänserndorf Süd elected a new board of directors at the annual general meeting, at the same time the club was given the new name “FC Gänserndorf Süd”. New Board: Chairman Johannes Crotty, Deputy Section Chairs Gerhard Menzel Wolfgang Glanz-Epok, Treasurer Martin Vogelhuber, Deputy Daniela Pilz, Secretary Christine Crotty, Deputy Ulric Vogelhuber.
The Association is very grateful for any support, whether financial or through volunteer work. If you are interested, just give us a call (0676 47655 39). Plus, of course, every athlete is welcome.
FC Gänserndorf-Süd has wanted a new football stadium for more than five years. After a number of calls, Mayor René Loebner’s last statement was that if a district was found, he would take care of everything else. This place was found on very short notice and an exchange was agreed with the new landlord.
With the information leaked, the club is now hoping the city manager will react.
Hearteningly, the debt level has now fallen from over €70,000 at the start to €6,000 and should be debt-free in the second half of the year.
Although there is no money for the kickers, which is why players are frequently poached, the sports situation has improved significantly compared to the past few years. “We are glad that many play with us just because they enjoy this sport,” says Crotty, praising the football players. The collaboration with Kinderfreunde Gänserndorf, for example, makes the children’s summer festival possible again. A pint in the morning is also scheduled for Sunday morning games.