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Rely on this ancient remedy for rheumatism and joint pain

the The healing power of swamp and peat It has been scientifically studied many times. Researchers now agree that especially those found in peat humic acid Contributes to the therapeutic effect of swamp packs and mud baths. The endocrine system is stimulated by clay packets, which are heated to about 40°C and applied to large areas of joints or affected skin, and humic acid. In this way, messenger substances that help relieve inflammatory reactions can be released.

How to apply clay packs yourself

Moor can also be used wonderfully in the home to relieve symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism in the hands. You can buy clay packets and ready-made healing mud online or at drugstores. Healing land is available in large buckets.

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Take about 500 grams of peat soil. Put this in an airtight bag and heat it in a water bath to about 40°C. Now use a greasy cream or Vaseline to coat your hands with a protective, greasy film. Now place your greased hands in the bog packet and knead the ground while it is still nicely warm.