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Students from Gothen monitor broadcasting in Australia

Students from Gothen monitor broadcasting in Australia


July 25, 2023 at 4:41 pm

The Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand will be televised around the world. It takes technical expertise to keep no TV black and no radio muted. Six students from Gothen helped set up the transmission technology on site and were the point of contact for questions and issues during the games.

The Women’s Soccer World Cup is in full swing. With a score of 6 to 0, the German women’s national team won on Monday Won the first World Cup match against Morocco. The technology has to work for the smooth broadcast of the games around the world and for journalists to work properly on site.

Six media technology students are involved in setting up and supervising broadcast technology in the theatres Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Gothen is involved. They have been on site since early July and set up so-called “media tables” in stadiums where journalists follow games, comment on them, write live tickers and disseminate important information.

First contact for journalists

22-year-old student Lennart Pleil explained in an interview with MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT that setting up the technology requires some knowledge and manual skills. “The tables arrived here in parts in ten containers. We had to set up about 45 to 50 tables in the stadiums, anchor them securely to the stands, and set up the signals and cables properly.” Because journalists depend on stable internet, working screens, microphones, phones and other equipment.

The students were not only involved in setting up the media tables, but also acted as the first point of contact for on-site journalists during the games. Their job is to answer questions, resolve issues that arise and oversee media signals during live broadcasts. In addition to their research expertise, students are trained in several training courses and prepared for exchanges.

When everything is working, Leonard enjoys the atmosphere at Bleel Stadium and the city of Melbourne.
Image copyright: Leonard Bleel, Private

Apply knowledge in practice

Professor Matthias Schnoll, who teaches at Götan University of Applied Sciences, is delighted to have made it possible for students to work in Australia and New Zealand. Ahead of the World Cup he said: “This event provides students with a unique opportunity to apply and further develop their specialist knowledge. You will not only acquire technical knowledge but also develop soft skills and learn to work under pressure.”

Leonard Bleel will play a few more games in Australia. He looks forward to the tasks ahead. You should always remain calm and take wise decisions in stressful situations. But so far everything has gone smoothly. Pleil hopes it will stay that way and is committed to ensuring that people around the world can continue to watch football without fail.

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