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Streich becomes clear: “With the head not being 100 percent on the pitch.”

Streich becomes clear: “With the head not being 100 percent on the pitch.”

Especially in the first half, SC Freiburg had a hard time against fifth-division team SV Oberachern – and would have been glad not to fall behind. Reason enough for coach Christian Streich to shake up his eleven teams.

Christian Streich took a critical look at his team’s performance in the German FA Cup.
IMAGO / Joran Steinsek

It was a brutal performance by Freiburg in the first round of the cup against Oberliga Oberachern. For a long time, the Bundesliga team has lacked a great attacking idea against an intelligent defender and underdog. Christian Streich was right when he said Oberachern “played incredibly” – he couldn’t say that about his team.

The Breisgauers were “very slow” in the “away game” at Dreisam, “they didn’t have a good positional game” and after 45 minutes “we were a bit lucky we didn’t get left behind”, admitted Streich. Before the first dangerous shot on goal for SVO by Roland Sallai, who was still Freiburg’s most active player in the first half, the Oberliga side had better chances. Marvin Ludwig hit the goal once but was offside and hit the post once.

Performance increase after double change

In the second half, “everything was fine.” The gym was nested in the higher division penalty area and also came to several conclusions, but they are mostly harmless. Another flaw that Streich also recognized. Standards “were bad today” too. After ten minutes of play, Breisgau’s game continued to settle down. “This also had to do with the coming of Chico Hoeffler,” Streich said. With the midfielder, who, however, will be suspended against Hoffenheim due to the red card he received in the 34th round of last season, “a different structure came”. The 33-year-old’s skill and strategic pace are contagious, Streich continued – “and that’s why he’s such an important player for us.”

Another important player played at the same time as Höfler. Captain Christian Guenter finally broke the ban just five minutes after being substituted and showed his teammates just how dangerous long range shots can be. After a few unsuccessful long-range shots, Gunther hit the bottom right with a first down to make it 1-0. From then on, SCF found it easier and scored the decisive second goal through Slay.

Is everything good in Breisgau? oh well!

In the end, the Bundesliga club booked the second round of the German Confederation Cup. So all is well in Breisgau? oh well! In any case, Streich’s uninspired and sluggish appearance still affected the first half, which is why it became clear: “We cannot organize a game like this against Oberachern – with all due respect.” And the 58-year-old suspected some players were “not 100% with their heads on the pitch”.

There are only a few days left until the start of the Bundesliga against Hoffenheim next Saturday. The days Streich wants — and should — use for the finishing touches. “The match is not meaningless for Hoffenheim,” the coach said meaningfully. Because the game, especially the first half, must of course be discussed.