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Stefan Moross shoots ex Anna Karina and Wichuck

Stefan Moross shoots ex Anna Karina and Wichuck

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from: Melanie Habeck

Anna Karina Wojciech has canceled her appearance on Always Again on Sunday. Stefan Moross, her husband and host of the show, couldn’t resist taking a look at his ex-wife.

Rust – Viewers of “Always Ones” have been looking forward to this performance for a long time: after the breakup of Anna Karina, Wichak (30), and Stefan Moross (47), the singer should appear on July 23 at her husband’s show. But a few days before her performance, the blonde canceled. A decision that her ex-partner is now commenting on in the middle of the show.

In “Always Sunday”: Stefan Moross shoots Anna Karina and Whichchuck’s ex

The musician had a reasonable reason for canceling her TV show: since Anna Karina Wojciech was on stage Saturday night in the “Giovanni Zarrella Show”, she could not perform again a few hours later on “Immer wieder Sundays”. Now Stefan Moros has only welcomed Cimino Rossi, 61, who sang on “The Giovanni Zarrella Show” the night before, just like Anna Karina and WhichChuck — and still finds his way to “Always Again on Sundays.”

In conversation with Cimino Rossi, “Always Again on Sunday” moderator Stefan Moros couldn’t resist digging into his ex-wife Anna Karina Wojciech: “I have to say one thing, Cimino works really hard. Yesterday with the great Giovanni Zarrilla, today he drove all night from Dortmund. Well, not many artists say, ‘Man, I’m coming to ‘Immer wieder Sundays’. Others cancel, Cimino Rossi is coming.”

The broadcast of “Always Sunday” dates back to 2023

Episode 10: August 6

Episode 11: August 13th

Episode 12: August 27

Best episode: Sept. 3

Anna Karina Wojciech’s justification for canceling TV raises questions

The rabble hasn’t escaped my viewers of Always Again on Sundays. There are many comments on Twitter like “Hahaha, Stefan with a nasty swipe at Anna Carina Woitschack”, “Big opposition against ex Stefan – awesome” or “Frau Ex-Mross didn’t want to. If she wanted to, she would have ridden with Rossi”.

Stephen Morris V
In fact, Anna-Carina Woitschack was supposed to appear on July 23 in “Always Again on Sunday”. However, her performance in the show was canceled by the supervisor and her husband, Stefan Moros. Her ex had a scathing comment on it. ©ARD; IMAGO/Event Press

Anna Karina Wojciech’s “always on Sundays” retreat sparked a discussion a few days ago. Because just like Semino Rossi, Ella Endlich (39) manages to perform on Saturday and Sunday TV shows. She was seen on Saturday evening in Giovanni Zarrella (45), but she is also listed as a guest on “ZDF TV Garden” on Sunday. Sources used: ARD/Over and over on Sundays