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Prolific like never before: Victoria and David Beckham go karaoke to a Spice Girls song

Prolific like never before: Victoria and David Beckham go karaoke to a Spice Girls song

Prolific like never before

Victoria and David Beckham sing karaoke to a Spice Girls song

Victoria Beckham’s video is currently delighting her community. You can see the former Spice Girl in an unusually relaxed manner while singing karaoke. Even husband David gets carried away.


This performance is freaking out Spice Girls fans on Tiktok right now.

  • Victoria and David Beckham had a great time in Miami over the weekend.

  • The two did karaoke together.

  • Victoria gets into her old Spice Girls role — and fans love it.

Victoria Beckham, 49, shared a video on her Tiktok channel on Sunday that sparked a storm in the hearts of the community: It has already been viewed more than 1.5 million times. The fashion designer appears with husband David Beckham while singing karaoke. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the two also performed the Spice Girl song “Say You Be There.”

The reserved Victoria instead presents everything as her “Posh Spice” alter ego. David even encourages her to join in by playfully grabbing a microphone and dancing with him. It is clear that they are both having fun and being left out. “We’re turning up the heat in Miami, and there will be more,” Victoria wrote of the video.

Is it still coming? On to the long-awaited Spice Girls reunion with the original cast? In an interview with The Sun in May, Mel B (47) at least gave a hint. There is a project planned that Victoria is said to be a part of. Mel B. said: In 2019, she and Melanie C (49), Emma Bunton (47) and Jerry Horner (50) went on a UK tour – at that time without Victoria.

Victoria Beckham: “What a Night”

Now, however, Posh appears to have regained his taste buds, as the karaoke performance proves. On Instagram, where the video was also shared, she adds: “Just a normal night out in Miami.” And: “No, I didn’t really drink much.”

Ahead, she gave another post an insight into what was likely a very fun party evening. “What a night we had partying with friends in Miami,” Victoria said, adding “I love you” to husband David.

The couple had a reason to celebrate at the weekend: the football club “Inter Miami”, co-founded by David Beckham, won the match against “Cruz Azul”. That was especially important The first dream of soccer legend Lionel Messiwho signed with Inter Miami on July 15, is up front.

There were a number of notable guests that evening, such as Serena Williams (41), LeBron James (38), Marc Anthony (54) and Kim Kardashian (42). Among others, with the latter and her daughter Harper (12 years old), Victoria then posed for some shots that she shared on Instagram.

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