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Steam Deck is scheduled to be delivered at the end of February

Steam Deck is scheduled to be delivered at the end of February

Valve’s original Steam Deck release was originally planned for December 2021. However, global supply chain problems are also causing delays here. A fresh start: February 2022.

February delivery date, hopefully?

It is still unclear if the first Steam Decks will actually be delivered in February. Because the new date is an estimate. We know that estimates can no longer be relied upon in times like these.

All reservations remain active, and people have to wait even longer to get the Steam Deck. For a Swiss woman, this is somewhat irrelevant: The gaming laptop cannot be booked with us at all. If Valve is also planning to release it in Switzerland in the future, this will likely be delayed further due to the already late release.

Advice for Swiss gamers who absolutely want a Steam Deck: ask a well-known person from an EU country (such as Germany) if they can pre-order the console for you. But: other countries will also have to wait a long time. The bottom line is that you may not gain any time with it.

Also: Only a few people were able to secure a December reservation on pre-order. Valve has not yet reported whether the delay will be greater for subsequent bookings. According to Valve, if you book a new Steam Deck now, you can expect delivery in the second quarter of 2022.

What exactly is a Steam Deck?

Steam Deck is Valve’s first game console. The hardware works similarly to the Nintendo Switch, with one big difference: you need to be able to play your Steam game library on it.

Valve promises “the greatest gaming power ever in your hands”. Steam Deck certainly has to offer that, considering the requisite computing power that the console should provide for the trio of titles.

The shape clearly resembles the Nintendo Switch. Details about the different versions and specifications included can be found at Official Website. In this article, we briefly answer the most frequently asked questions about Steam Deck.

Is Steam Deck a cloud gaming service?

number. Steam Deck is a portable computer. You have to download the games from your library and then (if supported) you can also play them offline.

How long does a Steam Deck battery last?

Valve talks about seven to eight hours of battery life, depending on the title. Games that require more computing power also use more power. Valve calls Portal 2. The game can be played for four hours at 60 frames per second, and at 30 frames per second the potential playtime increases to six hours.

Can I use a microSD card to increase my Steam Deck storage?

Yes, Steam Deck has a microSD slot. It is not yet known what type of microSD card will be compatible with the console.

Can I use an Xbox or PlayStation controller with Steam Deck?

Steam Deck supports Bluetooth and a large number of devices. Controllers and headphones connected via Bluetooth work perfectly.

Does Steam Deck have 4K output?

Yes. Steam Deck can provide 8K 60Hz (4K 120Hz) output via the USB C port.

Can I also use Steam Deck as a desktop computer?

if you want. Steam Deck is an all-in-one laptop. It runs on SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system. Valve says that it is possible to install Windows on Steam Deck. It remains to be seen if this is in the interest of the product.

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