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Google TV verfügt über einen Basis-Modus ohne Apps und smarte Funktionen.

Google TV: Smart Home and Fitness Features are in the Beginning

Google TV has Basic mode without apps and smart functions.

Google TV, the operating system for smart TVs and media players, is set to receive additional functionality in 2022. This should include smart home and fitness features.

According to Google, Android TV, including models with the Google TV interface, has about 110 million monthly active users. As of May 2021, 30 million is part of this user base. So there has been significant growth in the past year, backed by several new smart TVs with the system and of course Google Chromecast with Google TV. You now have 250 hardware partners. Ten of the biggest TV providers will now offer TVs with Android TV / Google TV.

In the long run, Google wants the Google TV player to dominate. This is not surprising, because the interface is full of recommendations, and some prefer to say “advertisement”. It’s a matter of taste whether you like it and discover new content or whether you feel sponsored. Anyway, Google has promised mysterious new jobs for 2022: fitness and smart home running.

Google TV will soon let you set up kids' profiles.
Google TV will soon let you set up kids’ profiles.

However, details are still missing here. Could Google offer something like Apple Fitness+? The paid subscription is aimed at Apple Watch owners and then allows you to train with videos while simultaneously monitoring your fitness data via Apple TV 4K on the big screen. Something similar would be possible for Google with Google TV and WearOS.

Google is looking at different options for Google TV

Connectivity with Fitbit wearables will also be possible. Finally, Fitbit was acquired by Google a few years ago. However, it is currently a matter of waiting. It sounds like you sensed an opportunity that you would like to take advantage of. We ourselves criticize Google TV in its current state for focused recommendations. Stylish interface like I’m an Apple TV 4K we prefer.