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Spotify brings song lyrics and local files to your phone

Spotify brings song lyrics and local files to your phone

Anyone who streams music on Spotify can look forward to two major innovations right now. From now on, there are live words and local files in the Android app.

The basics in brief

  • In the past year, there were already song lyrics on Spotify to read and sing along to.
  • The popular song lyrics feature of this music streaming device is now back all over the world.
  • It is now also possible to save MP3 files from the phone in the app.

After it was just a few days ago He has technical problemsSpotify excels with two interesting features. Karaoke lovers in particular should look forward to the synchronized songs in the app. The songs on the music platform are celebrating their comeback after a brief debut last year.

Sing karaoke with Spotify

In the app’s music player view There is a card now With the texts below the controls. This shows what is being sung in the song and also highlights it so that nothing gets in the way of the singing party. The lyrics matching more than 70 million songs on Spotify are provided by “Musixmatch”. The feature is now available to all users around the world, with or without a subscription.

Your music in the library

Experienced users must already know how Spotify playlists can be enriched with their own tracks that are not on the platform. It has always been possible to use a computer to save local MP3 files in one’s library. But getting it on a cell phone is often an even bigger challenge. The streaming service now also offers a treat here.

Without any advertisement or other fanfare, there is now a springboard in Android-App , which enables exactly this. If you activate Local Files, you will now find a playlist with the same name in the library. All MP3 files can be found here, which Downloaded to your phone had become. Any remixes, covers of songs or exclusive tracks that are not officially on Spotify can easily be added.

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