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Spinach causes hallucinations for customers in Australia

Many people have been poisoned in Australia after eating suspected contaminated spinach.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • In Australia, many people have consumed contaminated spinach from the supermarket.
  • They then suffer from symptoms of poisoning and sometimes hallucinations.

Suspiciously contaminated lettuce Many people in Australia caused serious confusion. Nine people in Sydney have “symptoms of poisoning” after eating baby spinach from supermarket chain Costco, the New South Wales state health authority said. The vegetables were probably “accidentally contaminated”.

Strong hallucinations due to spinach

“The patients were very poor had uttered delusionsThey saw things that weren’t there,” Darren Roberts, medical director of the state poisons centre, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“You can no longer tell exactly what happened.” Fortunately no one died.

The health authority warned that “serious” effects of eating spinach could include dizziness, hallucinations, tachycardia and blurred vision.