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Speed ​​skater torturing herself "half unconscious" to the end

Speed ​​skater torturing herself “half unconscious” to the end

After the 1000m race, Olga Vatkulina fell to the ground completely exhausted.Photo: cornerstone

In the over 1,000m speed skating final, Russian Olga Vatkulina collapsed immediately after the race. Her comments then show how bad she was.

After the final 1,000m in speed skating, Olga Vatkulina looked like she pulled away. After crossing the finish line, the 32-year-old Russian threw herself on the ground. And soon after that she expressed her state of mind on the Russian website “Championat”. “I can’t remember the last 300 metres ever – it was hell for me,” said the 2013 world champion.

Then Vatcolina continued: “I felt like I was in summer 30 min uphill bike ride. I reached the finish line semi-conscious.” The Russian took thirteenth place, and, dizzying, asked herself a question. “Why am I doing this, why not just curling?” The exact cause of the collapse is not yet known.

Vatcolina at the end of her strength.

Vatcolina at the end of her strength.Photo:

Vatcolina attacks Beijing

The Russian flag bearer used the opening ceremony’s attention to severe deterrence against the Games in Beijing. “The mood in the hall is still fine. But otherwise? You have to wear a mask everywhere, you can’t do anything, you can’t recognize anyone,” said the Olympic athlete.

“The food is not very good. We got the same for 23 days. The young people are sad, but the Olympics should be a celebration. I told them to get on a flight from Beijing as soon as possible – that’s really the last thing,” Vatcolina said. dsl / pre)

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