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Recall Chrysler Pacifica: Fire risk with plug-in hybrids

Recall Chrysler Pacifica: Fire risk with plug-in hybrids

Chrysler is recalling 16,741 plug-in hybrid vehicles from Pacifica in the United States due to a fire risk. The reason is not yet known.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and automaker Chrysler are recalling 16,741 vehicles in the United States. On Pacifica model series vehicles with a plug-in hybrid engine (production period August 12, 2016 to August 7, 2018) a fire can occur even if the ignition is turned off. The cause is currently unknown and under observation.

Car manufacturer Chrysler advises family car owners not to charge them and always park them outside at a distance from other vehicles or buildings. The subpoena can be found at NHTSA under case number 22V-077. For Germany, there is currently no recall of the car model available only from importers in that country.

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Chrysler should advise owners of 16,741 Pacifica models to park outside and not charge the plug-in hybrid vehicle. The cause of the significant fire hazard is not yet known.