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South Tyrolean Gladiator at the Colosseum – Tennis

South Tyrolean Gladiator at the Colosseum – Tennis

Jannik Sinner standing in the Colosseum. © FITB / Giampiero Sposito

Jannik Sinner's marathon of appointments ends on Thursday with the reception held by President Sergio Mattarella. 24 hours ago, the Australian Open champion was given a special honor: after the press conference at the headquarters of the Italian tennis federation FITP, a photo session in the Colosseum was on the agenda.

They couldn't have chosen a better place to take photos of his first Grand Slam title: Jannik Sinner, who fought like a gladiator to beat Daniil Medvedev in Melbourne, presented the Norman Brooks Challenge Cup at the Coliseum. The scene was so special to the Sesto native that he also reached for his cell phone and snapped a photo or two. The fact that the celebrations were held in Rome also has a sad background, as Siner revealed in PK.

In it, Sinner also clarified whether he will appear at the Sanremo Music Festival. The world number four confirmed: “I will be cheering from home. After these two days here in Rome, I will start training again. I am really looking forward.” The next tournament will be held on February 12 in Rotterdam.

Thanks to Alex Vitor

The press conference, which lasted about 50 minutes, presented several interesting statements from the Sesto native. Among other things, he thanked his manager Alex Vitor, who plays a fatherly role in his team. “I met him when I was about 13 years old. He is very important to me. If I have a problem, I go to him. “He is the person who understands me best. “The 39-year-old has also put me in touch with current coach Simone Vagnozzi as they are good friends. “I have to thank Alex for many things. “Little is said about him wanting it that way, so I don't say much,” Sinner said with a smile.

Jannik Siner answered journalists' questions. © FITB / Giampiero Sposito

It was also Vitor who showed him congratulations from his first coach Heribert Mayer: “Heribert is a great person. When I saw his message, it became emotional. I have to thank him because, along with Andreas Schöniger, he was my only coach in South Tyrol.

He did not lose the thirst for success that characterizes Sinner by winning his first Grand Slam tournament, on the contrary. “This is not the end of the season. Now we are doing our best in every tournament. I have more confidence. “There will be good weeks, but also not very good,” Sinner emphasizes. For this reason, he wrote to his team on Wednesday: “We have to get back to work.” It is this winning mentality that sets Sinner apart.