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Sony is holding back - PS3 and PSVita stores are still open for now

Sony is holding back – PS3 and PSVita stores are still open for now

Updated April 20, 2021, 3:53 pm

  • Sony is responding to community criticism: The PS3 and PS Vita will not close as planned in the summer.
  • In a blog, Sony expresses its appreciation to people who feel nostalgic and talks about a “wrong decision”.
  • However, the PSP Store (PlayStation Portable) will close as planned.

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After PS3 and mobile device PlayStation Vita Which started years ago, Sony wanted to discontinue game distribution platforms for older devices. But the company is now responding to the critical voices of nostalgia in the gaming community.

Instead of discontinuing PlayStationStore content for the third-generation console and portable Vita, as announced in March, Sony has backed off. In one Enter the blog Japanese entertainment formulation noted, “We can now see that many of you would like to continue buying the classic games on PS3 and PS Vita for the foreseeable future,” literally that means.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said, “It’s becoming clear that we’ve made the wrong decision here.” Hence the games will still be available digitally.

Even if Sony sticks to its original plan, users will still be able to re-download the games they have already purchased. Even titles that have already been purchased will still be playable.

PS3 and PSVita Stores: Is It All A Misunderstanding?

Part of the excitement about Sony’s originally planned action was also the result of a misunderstanding: On social media and gaming forums, the plan to close PS3 and PS Vita stores was sometimes mistaken for stopping PlayStation Network support.

However, Sony has not considered the latter. Nevertheless, the interest in maintaining the nostalgic status quo is striking insofar as dinosaurs with gear can look back on their long life: published in 2006 in Asia and the USA and 2007 in Europe. Play Station 3 is almost 15 years old while the PlayStation Vita was released in late 2011.

However, nothing has changed in another Sony decision: the purchase function for PSP (PlayStation Portable) games will be removed as planned on July 2nd. Apparently, the number of fans here was much less.

I have already accumulated countless positive comments under the blog post. However, not all critical voices were silenced. Critics primarily target the PS5’s lack of downward compatibility across the board.

“Every PS3 can play PS1 games. There is no reason not to work on PS4 or PS5 – except for the fact that Sony doesn’t want to pay a few cents for a CD license,” wrote one outraged community, for example a member.
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