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Sober Mood at World Cup: Sydney’s Eternal Summer

Sober Mood at World Cup: Sydney’s Eternal Summer

Australian metropolitans are very relaxed. Maybe it’s the suburban vibe. A little pity for the German team.

Ham, Wyong, Australia: But unlike the DFB camp, Sydney is pretty cool Photo: dpa

Sydney has a naturally sunny vibe. You should come to that conclusion while strolling through the Surry Hills near the main train station, just before kick-off. It is a surprising suburb for a world metropolis. Small bars and cafes, single-family houses everywhere With colorful facades and balconies. Not squeezed like European cities, but more thrown together, with the assurance that there will be enough space. The streets here are wide and empty; Not only are there fewer cars, there are fewer people on the road, and where they are on the road, they take their time.

There are parks between tall trees where birds chirp. Sunny is the best description I can think of for this world. Of course, things may look different between the towering facades reflected in the business district. But many neighborhoods have a timeless Sunday vibe, with lemon groves and quiet streets.

With no cell service yet, circumstances force Sydney to need to talk to people in her free time, not constantly looking at Google Maps, writing down addresses on a piece of paper. About way and life.

An old lady walking in Moore Park realized we had the same path. She introduces herself as an Iranian who came to Australia “when I was young”. Perhaps in the course of the revolution, I suppose. She was innocent then. “I made a lot of mistakes and trusted the wrong people too much.” Now she is very worried, I should not believe the wrong people here. Australia is not what it used to be.

Chatty Voluters

For many illegal immigrants, it has become very dangerous and criminal. The fact that she herself came as an immigrant does not stand in the way of this judgment. The girl doesn’t have much to do with the World Cup or football. She used to watch figure skating, but stopped doing it: “As you get older, your vision changes. You’re glad you can still walk. ” and she goes on her way.

I have many such wonderful conversations in Sydney. It seems to me that it must be due to the generous space. In such a green, spacious and peaceful city, anger is sunny, isn’t it? Many volunteers speak very little. Says someone who is still struggling to scan QR codes. The first time she was in tennis, I knew this match?

Another volunteer reported to Hamm about the student exchange in excellent German, adding a match analysis: “I hope Australia win the opening game, it will be very important.” It seems that many people are involved here. The volunteer laments my accommodation at the German contingent’s camp, about two hours’ drive north of Sydney: “Wyong, that looks a bit like ham.”