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Smithers announces appointment of Director of Environmental Risk Science, Fat and Metabolism, United Kingdom.

Horogate, United Kingdom

Smithers, a leading provider of testing, consulting, information and compliance services, has announced the appointment of Sarah Bengett as Director of Fat and Metabolism at the UK’s Horoget office.

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Sarah Benkett, Director of Fat and Metabolism, Horogate, UK (Photo: Business Wire)

As director Environmental law And Metabolism The teams will take on the scientific direction and management of Sarah, working with global clients and colleagues while ensuring compliance with technology, quality assurance and financial performance goals. His team focuses on contract research from testing to analysis, evaluation and reporting to achieve the highest standards of data quality and reliability.

“We are delighted to have Sarah on our team. His in-depth knowledge of environmental behavior and metabolism, his leadership skills and his interest in promoting teams will ensure test objectives and quality standards, ”said Sharon Swales, General Manager, Smithers Environmental Risk Science.

“Sarah’s experience will enable us to expertly guide our regulated audit services and ensure that we continue to provide accurate data in a timely and accurate manner,” said Susan Sheppard, head of Smithers’ environmental risk science division. “Your understanding of security testing, Risk assessment And regulatory requirements for agrochemicals, chemicals and pharmaceuticals can help strengthen customer relationships and increase trust in services provided by the business community in the field of environmental behavior and metabolism.

After completing her BSc in Chemistry (Upon Tyne University in Newcastle) Sarah earned an MSc in Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation from Lafarge University of Technology. Since then, he has held more responsible positions in the fields of environmental behavior. Animal metabolism And Residual studies, Support and motivation of team members and management of business processes.

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Smithers was founded in 1925 and is headquartered in Akron, Ohio. The company is a multinational company providing auditing, consulting, information and compliance services. With laboratories and offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Smithers serves customers in the transportation, life sciences, packaging, products, components, consumer goods, dry goods and energy sectors. By combining science, technology and business expertise, Smithers provides accurate data in a timely manner so that customers can confidently innovate.

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