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WWE “NXT: UK # 177” Results & Reports from London, UK, United Kingdom from January 6, 2022

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WWE „NXT: UK # 177
Venue: BT Sports Studios in London, UK, UK
First broadcast: January 6, 2022

Highlight video for the show:

NXT UK is back from a two week break and a packed issue awaits us. NXT UK women’s champion Meiko Satomura will retain her title against player Davenport. In this regard, a hype video is shown at the beginning of the show. Davenport has never been beaten in his NXT UK career, so he is a strong contender for the formerly dominating champion. The following tag teams compete in the first match of the new year. The partnership meets Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter.

1. Competition
Tag Team Match – NXT UK Tag Team Championship # 1 Competitor Elimination Match
Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter win after Springboard neckbreaker against Symbiosis (Tyson de-Phone & Primate) (w / ed tennis) by Carter by Bin Primate.
Match time: 09:37

Blair Davenport prepares for his main match against Maiko Satomura.

Pretty Deadly is behind the scenes and shows their dissatisfaction with not getting a rematch against Mustache Mountain a long time ago. The two were even ignored in the “mini-match”, not even there. They will not leave you idle.

We watch the video of NXT United Kingdom champion Ilza Draguno. We gain insight into his personal life and his family. They are his inspiration in life and he fights until he gives up for his family. Jordan took the feud to a whole new level when Devlin mentioned Dracuno’s family in his ad three weeks ago. This prompted the champion again, and sooner or later Drakunov avenged Jordan Devlin and defeated him.

Three weeks ago, A-Kit was able to win against Nathan Fraser. This has made him the number one challenger to the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship currently being held by Nom Dar. He looks at the highlights behind the stage and is a little nervous. Shaw Samuels is by his side and wants to know if Darry has any doubts. The current champion is motivated and there is no tension in any way to get in the ring against A-Kit.

We see Theoman, Charlie Dempsey and Rohan Raja behind the scenes. The “family” wants to confirm themselves against the Jack Stars and Dave Mastiff next week towards the NXT UK Tag Team Championship.

2. Competition
Singles competition
Cia Brooksite won against Myla Grace by back after a back breaker.
Match time: 03:51

Meiko Satomura player is preparing for his title match against Davenport.

We look back on the first NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship match that A-Kid could win. Now he wants to come back to the top and free Noam Dora from the trophy.

Jack Stars and Dave Mastiff are all set for “The Family” and the two superstars want to finish the New Year with the NXT UK Tag Team Championship.

Amalee described her emotional journey to the WWE a few weeks ago and many were impressed by her story. However, Ginny is less curious about the video, and news like this does not increase her respect. Emilia McKenzie didn’t think much of the news either, but Amale could not bear it and pushed McKenzie against the glass door, warning her not to act so disrespectful.

We see a message from WALTER. He will play his last match next week at NXT UK. His enemy is Nathan Fraser. Walter did not think much of Fraser, and he did not understand the hype surrounding the young superstar. He will show the newcomer what it means to play in a match against the “Ring General”.

3. Competition
NXT UK Women’s Championship
Singles competition
Meiko Satomura (c) won against Blair Davenport by roll-up then back.
Match time: 12:58

After the match, Davenport attacked Sadomura, hitting several knees in the face. Then you can celebrate by posing with the Davenport title. Today’s NXT UK magazine did not broadcast with these pictures.


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